Product Name: 12Vdc Circulation Mag pump
Model Number: 59510-0012
Manufacturer: Jabsco Pumps
  • Circulating pump for galley, hot water systems, heating systems, windshield washing and applications where re-circulation is required. Auto uses include for circulation of intercooler coolant. Direct replacement for Johnson CO10P5-2 and CM10P7-1 pumps. 3 amp fuse.
  • Bolt-in replacement for the stock intercooler water pump for the Cyclone/Typhoon. Also used on hydrogen generator or other water cooled engines. Magnetic drive [water can't get near motor - motor won't burn-up if something gets stuck]
  • Long life "Brush-less" DC motor
  • Sealless magnetic drive pump
  • 12 volt DC
  • 12.5 liters/min at 0.12 Bar
  • Non-Corroding materials
  • Pumps water at 100°C
  • Handles aggressive liquids
  • Ignition protected

The big problem with the original pump is that the shaft of the impeller wheel can leak, then water can get down into the motor. On the original pump, the pump wheel is on the end of the motor shaft, and can't be removed without some trouble. The best part is that the new pump is now a "magnetic drive" pump. Water cannot get at the motor any more. That gray ring on the end of the pump is a big magnet that is attached to the motor shaft. As the motor spins, that magnet spins. The photo shows the back of the pump chamber. It slips right in that magnet. The magnet spins the pump wheel.

The wires come out in different places, but it's the same basic size. It will fit in the stock mounting location perfectly. It does flow a lot more than the stock unit.

Mercedes Benz as an auxiliary water pump to pump hot water for the heater. Also PORSCHE 944 TURBO used auxiliary water pump. A typical RV water pump is designed to handle water only to about 130° F

Bosch part number is 0 130 002 066. The Mercedes part number on the end is 001 835 1064. The pump also has a SWF part number on it: WPR 403.674.



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Your Price: $179.00 EA
Maximum Flow 4 gallons/min 
TDH (Head) Maximum @ 0GPM 2.81 PSI 
Head (TDH) Maximum @ 0GPM 6.5 FT 
TDH Minimum
Inlet Connection Type Barb 
Inlet 0.75 " 
Outlet Connection Type Barb 
Outlet 0.75 " 
Wetted Materials 316SS 
Elastomers Viton 
Voltage 12DC V 
Motor TENV 
Motor Amps 1.2 A 
Speed 1725 RPM 
Length 5.8 " 
MTR Cord Length 1 FT 
Max Operating Temp 212 °F 
Viscosity Water 1.00 cp 31.00 ssu 
Max. Particle Size 0 " 
Max. Particle Hardness 5 MOH 
Max. Volume of Suspended Solids 0 % 
Motor Bearings Bushing 
Impeller Mat'l / Type Polypro 
Warranty 1 Year/s 
Applications Flooded Suction 
PH High 10 pH 
Other Current draw 2 Amp. The "Gen-set" unit was installed in the truck in 1984. the brand is ALLTEC 4000 watt, with an 8HP watercooled KUBOTA diesel engine.  
Country of Origin UK 
Weight 3 lbs
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