Product Name: 115v Electric Oil Transfer pump
Model Number: OP115 260101
Manufacturer: Graco Pump

The PBL oil transfer pumps are designed specifically to transfer bulk oils and hydraulic fluids, motor oil, antifreeze. Larger horsepower electric motors with a smaller displacement gear pump assure adequate power to pump viscous fluids at low temperatures. The pump kit mounts on a standard barrel and comes complete with pumping unit, hose, nozzle, bung adapter and suction pipe. Using a barrel dolly with the PBL oil transfer pump gives an efficient, clean portable transfer system for servicing farm machinery and large equipment. The pump can also be used for transferring used oil. A Opt. suction pipe screen to filter out large contaminates must be used when pumping used oil. Meters available as a accessory.


  • Electric motor driven metal gear type pump
  • Self priming, positive displacement design
  • Mounts directly on barrel with adapter supplied
  • 115 AC models
  • Pumps high viscosity fluids at 4 gallons per minute
  • Built in 65 PSI bypass valve and on-off switch
  • AC model has built in 30 inch three prong power cord
  • 1/2 horsepower motors supply the necessary power to pump viscous fluids
  • Kit comes complete with suction pipe, 8 foot hose, nozzle and bung adapter
Repair kit 260293.

Key Applications

  • Servicing farm machinery
  • Transfer bulk oil
  • Transfer used oil

Key Materials

  • Synthetic Oil
  • Petroleum Based Oils
  • Hydraulic Fluids
  • Used Oil

CAUTION: Do not pump flammable fluids.



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Your Price: $392.00 EA
Maximum Flow 4.25 gallons/min 
TDH (Head) Maximum @ 0GPM 64.94 PSI 
Head (TDH) Maximum @ 0GPM 150 FT 
HP Standard 0.75 HP 
Inlet Connection Type FNPT 
Inlet 1 " 
Outlet Connection Type FNPT 
Outlet 0.75 " 
Wetted Materials CI 
Elastomers Buna-Nitrile 
Voltage 115 V 
Frequency 60 Hz 
Motor ODP 
Motor Amps 9.2 A 
Speed 1725 RPM 
Self Priming Yes 
Suction Lift 3 FT 
Max Operating Temp 190 °F 
Viscosity Glycerine 880.00 cp 5000.00 ssu 
Max. Volume of Suspended Solids 1 % 
Mechanical Seal Lip Seal 
Mechanical Seal Type Double 
Warranty 2 Year/s 
Applications Coolant 
Fuel Oil 
PH High 7 pH 
Other Power cord: 30 inch 3 prong. Motor has on / off switch. Hose size: 8 foot, 3/4 diameter. If used oil or other dirty liquid use suction screen 260306. Units measure 6wx8Hx12”L. Metal gears. The motors are drip proof rated at 3/4 hp. The motors have sealed bearings and require minimal maintenance. All models come with hose, nozzle, 34 in. (864 mm) suction tube assembly, and bung adapter 
Weight 27 lbs
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Rebuild kit, Metal Gears
Manufacturer: Graco Pump
Model Number: 260293
$2900 ea.
Wetted Materials: Steel
Manufacturer: Graco Pump
Model Number: 260306
$1640 ea.
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