Product Name: Pacer Plastic Pump Repair Kit
Model Number: 58-0074
Manufacturer: Pacer Pump
Pacer "Pierce" Plastic Pump Repair Kit. Use to to repair many pumps that have been equipped with EPDM rubber parts. Fits all "S" series Pacer pump models. Kit contain the shaft seal and all O-rings
  • Includes:
    • 1 Gasket, Engine Protection
    • 1 Slinger
    • 4 "O" Rings, Bracket Screw Head, EPDM
    • 1 "O" Ring, Shaft Seal EPDM
    • 1 "O" Ring Segment, EPDM
    • 1 Seal, Shaft, EPDM 58-0714 12
    • 1 "O" Ring, Body, EPDM
    • 1 "O" Ring, Impeller Screw Head, EPDM
    • 1 Tube Loctite 242
    • 1 "O" Ring, Filler Plug, EPDM
    • 1 "O" Ring, Drain Plug, EPDM
Does not include check valve flapper 58-0705 72 or drain plug.


Usual Ship Time: 1 day

Your Price: $45.00 EA
Elastomers EPDM 
Mechanical Seal Face Carbon-ceramic 
Mechanical Seal Type Single 
Applications Contractor 
Weight 2 lbs
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