Product Name: Concrete Vibrator PortaVibe™ GX35
Model Number: F03330 PV32
Manufacturer: FlexPump
Concrete Vibrator PortaVibe™, internal vibrator, also available in larger version, these are for the contractor or person pouring concrete cement and achieving excellent consolidation of concrete.

The PortaVibe™ pole vibrator provides the solution to vibrating your concrete with an easy to use portable unit. There is no need for electricity supply or separate drive units. The Honda four-stroke motor provides hassle free operation and in comparison to a two-stroke motor uses less fuel, has reduced engine emissions and there’s no need for mixed fuel.

The unit is light and balanced and is fitted with an adjustable handle and carry strap for user comfort and complete control.

Easy To Use with a convenient on/off switch and throttle control built into the handle.

Frequency (vib/min) 9,000
Amplitude in air (mm / in.) 2.8 / 0.11 with a 1.7" diameter head.

Powered by a reliable Honda 4 - Stroke 35cc gas engine.

Great for footings, sidewalks, floors, tilt-up construction, foundation work, bridge decks, residential walls and flatwork, pavement repairs, box culverts, etc. and other cement or concrete needing settling. Great for poking between re-bar.

If you have electric units but want a backup incase power is lost this is a ideal and ez vibrator to be back up and working.

This compact, hand-held, gas-powered concrete vibrator is a truly portable one-man operation. And with its 4 stroke engine, there's no need to mix oil in the fuel. Also no air hoses or electric cords to get tangled in the rebar or tie down. It is ideal for bridge decks & road patching, culverts, flat work, footings, 4 Ft retaining walls, or any other "hard-to-reach", remote concrete construction site. Foundations, walls, columns, in plant production and where high-frequency concrete vibration is required

  • Comes equipped with a 35cc air-cooled
    4-cycle Honda GX35 engine
  • Motor is 1.6 hp., 0.2G / 0.65 liter fuel capacity, 0.6qt/h
  • Shaft length is 6 feet and includes a 1.38"Ø head
  • Shaft is protected from excessive wear and does not kink
  • Honda has a diaphragm carburetor
  • Lightweight at 23 pounds
  • Portable and includes a shoulder harness. Eliminates backpacks and two man start up.
  • Adjustable speed finger tip throttle
  • Head has replaceable nose cap
  • Clutch: Heavy duty centrifugal-type
  • Oil lubrication in the head – heat treat both nose cap and barrel which controls rust and eliminates service.
Why carry a backpack: 20Lbs of a noisy, smelly 2-cycle engine on your back? A PortaVibe is much friendlier and easier to use. Split shaft boom design for easy storage and interchangable optional pump head PortaPump.


Usual Ship Time: 

Your Price: $1,676.00 EA
HP Standard 1.3 HP 
Wetted Materials Steel 
Motor Gas Engine 
Speed variable RPM 
Warranty 1 Year/s 
Applications Contractor 
Other Lower half of shaft is flexible and is 36" long from joint below handle. The steel vibrating head is 15" long x 1.75" diameter. 1.3 hp (1 kW) @ 7,000 rpm. 
Country of Origin Australia 
Duty Contractor 
Weight 25 lbs
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PortaPump pump assembly attachment
Manufacturer: FlexPump
Model Number: F03663
$46000 ea.
Maximum Flow: 33 gallons/min
Wetted Materials: ABS, Aluminum
Manufacturer: FlexPump
Model Number: H151
$3900 ea.
Wetted Materials: PVC
Manufacturer: FlexPump
Model Number: H301
$6900 ea.
Wetted Materials: PVC
Suction Strainer
Manufacturer: PumpBiz Pumps
Model Number: L80SS
$7500 ea.
Wetted Materials: 304SS
Manufacturer: PumpBiz Pumps
Model Number: U239-2
$2500 ea.
Wetted Materials: PVC
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