Product Name: Propane Conversion Adapter Manifold
Model Number: AF1-Honda-4HP
Manufacturer: PumpBiz Pumps
Propane Conversion Kit Adapter For Gas EnginesLPG gaseous. The Model 2 Regulator System is designed to easily convert all overhead cam (OHC) and overhead valve (OHV) engines by utilizing an Intake Adapter placed behind the carburetor to deliver the new propane fuel. Propane for water pumps, generators, tillers, blowers, lawn mowers, Skag mowers, snow blowers, chippers and small construction equipment like trenchers. The correct Intake Adapter for the engine being converted will need to be selected from our easy to use list. Kits for Scag, Hustler, Toro, Snapper, Wright, Yazoo z-turn and other commercial equipment. Also very populare on Fly mowers AKA Hover Flymo, Toro HoverPro, HVT52, HoverMower, Air Force.Order regulator / diaphragm valve seperately plus hoses and adapter in a complete kit. Click here. These adapters by themselves are for multiple engines sharing common kit regulator assembly and hoses.

Benefits of converting to a vapor propane source:
o A cleaner burning fuel with non-toxic exhaust
o Increased engine life and lower maintenance
o Improved engine performance
o Significantly reduces air pollution
o Lower fuel costs per operating hour
o Conversion kit is simple and easy to install. Not suitable for fuel injected engines.
Stop polluting with gasoline
o Propane reduces hydrocarbon emissions by 70%
o 5% of air pollution is from small gasoline engines
o 1 hour of small gasoline engine use=350 auto miles
o 1 small gasoline engine creates 87 lbs of CO2 per year
o Over 17 million gallons of gasoline are accidently spilled yearly
o Approved as a clean alternative fuel by the EPA and the California Air Resources Board
o Propane is the 3rd most commonly used fuel
o Propane has a higher octane rating than gasoline
Go Green. Save Green.
o Propane, on average, can be 5% - 15% less expensive than gasoline or diesel fuels.
o Controls fuel cost.
o Eliminates fuel theft.
o No fuel contamination.
o Longer engine life.
o Less engine maintenance

Propane water pumps and generators

Click here to see the an installation video


Usual Ship Time: 1 day

Your Price: $20.00 EA
Wetted Materials Aluminum 
Warranty 1 Year/s 
Other Has to be used with complete upgrade kit PCK2 
Country of Origin USA 
Weight 1 lbs
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1LB short Bottle
Manufacturer: PumpBiz Pumps
Model Number: 130003
$3500 ea.
Wetted Materials: Steel
1LB Tall Bottle
Manufacturer: PumpBiz Pumps
Model Number: 130000
$3500 ea.
Wetted Materials: Steel
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