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State of the art Float switches

PumpBiz offers modern Electronic float switches that no longer have problem causing moving parts. Features include alarms, lights,phone calls and alternators. They are easy to install and fit just …

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Propane BI-FUEL upgrade Kit

Trucks, cars, and other vehicles as well as other Small engines running on our propane conversion systems have been proven to have 80% cleaner emissions and help the engine last longer than those …

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Flex Pump™ Dewatering Trash

Submersible Trash pump engine powered*. Flex-Pump is a submersible dewatering pump without electricity. Customers who have used it are so impressed they are calling it a "Muddy …

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Large water pumps. Rainbow's thirty + years of pumping experience has resulted in the introduction of the "RAINBOW R-PRIME SERIES PUMPING UNITS." We are now offering a complete line of automatic self-priming pumps available for use in all of your dewatering, slurry, irrigation and land application needs.

Base Unit Includes: John Deere Diesel Engine, Radiator Cooling Package, Engine Oil, Coolant/Anti-Freeze, Heavy-Duty Air Cleaner Kit, Fabricated Steel Frame, Starter Alternator, Industrial Muffler Kit with Raincap, Fully Enclosed Instrument Panel with Safety Shutdown for Oil Pressure and Water Temperature, Ammeter, Tach/Hourmeter,Adjustable Pump Pressure Gauge with Safety Shutdown, Throttle Control and Starter Switch. Direct Mounted Compressor with Rainbow Exclusive Continuous Priming System. Available with Integral Fuel Tanks, On and Off Highway Trailers, Lifting Bails, Auto Start Controllers, and many other Options.

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Manufacturer: PumpBiz Pumps
Model Number: 6X4PTO
Maximum Flow : 1200 gallons/min
TDH (Head) Maximum @ 0GPM : 150 PSI
Head (TDH) Maximum @ 0GPM : 346 FT
HP Required : 119 HP
Inlet Connection Type : Flange
Inlet : 6 "
Outlet Connection Type : Flange
Outlet : 4 "
Wetted Materials : CI
Elastomers : Buna-Nitrile
Motor : PTO
Speed : variable RPM
Suction Lift : 10 FT
Max Operating Temp : 105 °F
Viscosity : Milk 3.20 cp 40.00 ssu
Max. Particle Size : 1 "
Max. Volume of Suspended Solids : 5 %
Impeller Size (see curve image) : 13
Impeller Mat'l / Type : Cast Iron
Warranty : 1 Year/s
Applications : Dewatering
Applications : Irrigation
Other : Performance varies with PTO RP
Country of Origin : USA
Duty : Continuous
Drain Plug : Yes
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Rainbow 8"
Manufacturer: PumpBiz Pumps
Model Number: RBR8645T
Maximum Flow : 2000 gallons/min
Minimum Flow : 1000 gallons/min
TDH (Head) Maximum @ 0GPM : 64.94 PSI
Head (TDH) Maximum @ 0GPM : 150 FT
HP Standard : 125 HP
Inlet Connection Type : Flange
Inlet : 8 "
Outlet Connection Type : Flange
Outlet : 6 "
Wetted Materials : CI
Motor : Diesel Engine
Speed : 2850 RPM
Self Priming : 1
Suction Lift : 25 FT
Max Operating Temp : 120 °F
Viscosity : Water 1.00 cp 31.00 ssu
Max. Particle Size : 3 "
Max. Particle Hardness : 5 MOH
Max. Volume of Suspended Solids : 5 %
Mechanical Seal Type : Double
Impeller Size (see curve image) : 12
Warranty : 1 Year/s
Applications : Flooded Suction
Applications : Contractor
Applications : Dewatering
Applications : Irrigation
Applications : Portable
Applications : Self-Priming
PH High : 7 pH
Other : Battery kit includes 680A batt
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