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A quick and easy way to unload trucks

Pumps for acids are often used to unload trucks carrying chemical products or IBC containers. But the problem when dealing with trucks is that they often don't have an electric box with …

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Propane BI-FUEL upgrade Kit

 Trucks, cars, and other vehicles as well as other Small engines running on our propane conversion systems have been proven to have 80% cleaner emissions and help the engine last longer than …

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PumpBiz offers De-Icing Pumps!

Pumpbiz is known for having pumps for many applications, including De-icing Pumps. Let PumpBiz help you find a pump to de-ice your pavement this winter!   Our pumps can handle all of the most …

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1800 RPM close coupled electric motor driven end suction centrifugal CI pumps. Ideal for booster, circulator, emergency fire protection, chillers and agricultural irrigation systems.

  • Cast gray iron volute with back pull-out design.
  • Dynamically balanced cast iron closed centrifugal impellers.
  • High efficiency.
  • Available with packing 'P' or mechanical seals 'S'.
  • Bronze wear rings.
  • 125 lb. flanges on suction and discharge.
  • Discharge can be indexed in eight positions.
  • Flow rates to 2600 U.S. gallons per minute
  • 1800 RPM
  • JP or West Coast motor shafts.
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