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The NexPump®is the most comprehensive sump pump built to 21st century specifications! The only sump pump that knows what it is doing and TELLS you. Perfect match of cutting-edge-technology and an old household problem application.
Here are the unparalleled features of the NexPump® system:

  • Advanced Notification System
    o Fully Integrated, dual computerized pumps & control
    o System will call and email you during emergencies, pump activations (Backup Mode), Power Failures and more...
    o Patent Pending
  • Versatile
    o Install as the Primary or Backup Pump
    o Uses Household Electricity when available
    o 12V Battery (Deep-Cycle) When Electricity Fails*
    o Built-in 20 Amp Smart Automatic Battery Charger
    o Patent Pending
  • Dual Pump Design
    o Two High Capacity Pumps (5600 GPH)
    o Extreme Reliability
    o Patent Pending
  • Advanced Microprocessor Controlled
    o Decision-making, Intelligent.
    o Plumbing Error Detection (Vapor Locks, Clogs)
    o Comprehensive Automatic Self Testing
    o Patent Pending
  • Economical
    o Self-Contained Backup System
    o Easy Installation
    o Operates on Battery or Household Electric
    o State-of-the-Art Features
  • Dual Sensors
    o Built in High Water Alarm
    o High Reliability
    o Can be set at any level
    o Patent Pending
  • Battery Operations
    o State-of-Art Battery Monitoring System
    o Most Efficient Product on Battery Power
    o Patent Pending
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty
  • Many More Features Only on the NexPump®

NexPump® PDF Brochure

*The NexPump® Requires a 12-volt marine type battery (not included)

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Manufacturer: PumpBiz Pumps
Model Number: NexPump
Maximum Flow : 93 gallons/min
TDH (Head) Maximum @ 0GPM : 10.39 PSI
Head (TDH) Maximum @ 0GPM : 24 FT
Outlet : 1.5 "
Wetted Materials : SS-Plastic
Elastomers : Buna-Nitrile
Motor : Hermetically Sealed
Speed : 1725 RPM
Max Operating Temp : 122 °F
Viscosity : Water 1.00 cp 31.00 ssu
Max. Volume of Suspended Solids : 0 %
Shaft : 304SS
Mechanical Seal Type : Double
Warranty : 3 Year/s
Applications : Sump
PH High : 7 pH
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